How You Can Help: Apartment Fire Effecting Area Families

How You Can Help: Apartment Fire Effecting Area Families

May 16, 2018 at 6:30 PM

A Message From REC Principal, Kevin Kerney:

Good Afternoon CEHS Area Elementary Schools,

Most of you are aware there was a large apartment fire near Clovis Ave and Huntington last week.  Seven units were destroyed in the fire and fortunately, nobody was seriously injured.  The fire has impacted the Clovis East Area community because 15 students and their families have been displaced.  These students attend Temperance-Kutner Elementary, Reyburn Intermediate and Clovis East High School. 

Being part of the Wolfpack means helping each other in times of need.  We are currently collecting gift-cards to Walmart, Target, Foodmaxx and/or gas cards at Reyburn/CEHS/TK.  Donations of cash/check will also be accepted in the main offices at each school.  A gofundme account has been established to help these same families.  Please go to to make a donation.  We know the last week has been difficult, but we are hopeful these donations will provide a small measure of comfort for our Wolfpack families.  #wolfpack #family #bekindbeatwolf

Thank you.