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Office Staff        
Principal  Erin Waer    email  
GIS  Lisa Vuola    email
GIS  Heather Guffy    email  
Office Supervisor  Leisa Bingham    email  
Registrar  Tanisha Laret    email  
Health Services Assistant  Kimberly Bueno    email  
Nurse  Esther Igoboerika    email  
Psychologist  Keri Machado    email  
Library Technician  Laurel Rosa    email  website >>
Library Technician  Jamie Mclaughlin    email  
Support Staff        
Intervention K-3  Jonathan Gonzales P1  email  website >>
Intervention 4-6  Ricky Tran P2  email  
PALS  Jennifer Mersino  email  website >>
RSP  Courtney Caley 23  email  
RSP  Caitlyn Hemman 23  email  
Speech/Language  Natalie Nichols D1  email  
Speech/Language PALS  Gabriella Castillo E1   email  
Choir/Vocal Music  Rebecca Alvidrez 19   email  website >>
Orchestra  Chee Vang 23  email  website >>
Band  Rebecca Monson Stage  email  website >>
Food Services Supervisor  Deidra Bennett    email  
Campus Catering Assistant      
Campus Catering Assistant  Stefanie Higginbotham    email  
Plant Supervisor  Ray Blanco    email  
Custodian  Eric Foster    email  
Campus Club Lead       email  
   Dara Gaeth K1 PM  email  website >>
   Brooke Jenkins K2 PM   email  website >>
   Candice Reneau K1 AM   email  website >>
   Heather Wiggins K2 AM   email  website >>
 Denise Shaffer 5   AM  email  website >>
1st Grade
   Linda Garcia  email  website >>
   McKenna Julian  email  website >>
   Jennifer Roza  email  website >>
   Amanda Marten 4  email  website >>
   Ladene Rios 7  email  website >>
 2nd Grade | Website        
   Elizabeth Araim  12  email  website >>
   Juliet Douglas 13  email  website >>
   Ladene Rios  email  website >>
   Sarah Coy  email  website >>
   Amber Mullens 14  email  website >>
 3rd Grade website
   Silvia Berst 10   email  website >>
   Jamie Garner 11   email  website >>
   Beth Weaver  email  website >>
   Debbie Scott 15  email  website >>
   Amber Mullens 14  email  website >>
 4th Grade        
   Saylah Poythress 16  email  website >>
   Robert Manjarrez 18  email  website >>
   Nikki Carter 17   email  website >>
 5th Grade        
  Jordon Cota 21   email  website >>
  Karen Long 22   email    >>website
Jodi Morgan 24  email  website >>
 6th Grade
   Scott Moore 26  email  website >>
   Sara Murray 25  email  website >>
   Cindy Anderson 20  email  website >>
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